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What Is Direct Read News?
NNTPjunkie members have the option of accessing the newsgroups with a traditional NNTP newsreader (Agent, Xnews, MS Outlook, etc.) or the Direct Read News web interface. Read, post, decode and download newsgroup content from the newsgroups with your favorite web browser. Direct Read News is easy to use, transfers data more efficiently than NNTP, and offers powerful features you will not find elsewhere.

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Popular Newsgroup Hierarchies
Alt (37,981) Comp (1,605) Human (63) Jobs (1,087)
Microsoft (3,971) Misc (345) News (447) Rec (1,316)
Sci (352) Soc (493) Talk (139)  
Popular Newsgroup Topics
Binaries (8,644) Collect (958) Fans (4,001) Games (2,021)
Politics (839) Motorsports Music/MP3 (690) Multimedia (761)
Religion (727) Sci-Fi (109) Sports (2,355)